Propeller Repair and Dynamic Balancing

Several type of propeller repairs can be managed in our repairs department and specifically blade scanning-straightening of damaged blades-welding-static and dynamic balancing. Purpose designed tools are employed for the quality check of the finished repaired items.
Dye-check technique is used for the inspection of cracks on hub and blade surface.

Pitch Modification- Repitch a propeller:
Pitch modification of propellers can be accomplished with highly-skilled technicians and after consulting specific software for the pitch adjustment. Temperature control is important for this process and a newly repitched propeller often has a better performance than before.

Straightening and reconditioning of damaged propeller shafts can be managed in our workshop. Specially designed hydraulic equipment is used of this type of shaft repair. Shaft polishing is also employed before dispatch of the shaft item and often dye-check on the surface of the shaft is used for ensuring the quality of the repair.

Special software (Hydrocomp PropExpert, Hydrocomp PropCad) is employed in combination with many years of experience and sea trials before proceeding to propeller fabrication, so that a great result is achieved.
Accurate client data for newbuild or refit projects (i.e engine and gearbox specification-correct dimensions and weight of vessel) is vital for the estimate of the propeller and vessel performance.